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Small Personal Loans in 2021: Compare Your Options

Are you looking for some lending institutions where you can avail personal loans for your immediate expenses in your daily living? Well, there are several banks and lending institutions that offer small personal loans. Availing a small amount for personal loans is one of the convenient options that you can do for you to pay expenses that are needed for urgent action payment. You can pay your medical bills or have your car repaired with small personal loans.

So, whatever purposes you have in your mind, personal loans in small amount would be helpful for you. If you’re thinking of small personal loans, then you may first consider some online lenders or credit unions for you to have lower loan interest rates. For you to end up having the best small personal loans from the marketplace, it would be better to make a comparison among those alternative options.

Most of the time, many people tend to avail themselves of small personal loans from lending institutions, credit unions, or cooperatives, especially if they don’t have enough savings or some alternative means just to cover up their expenses. If you badly needed cash or a small amount of money, you may also apply for personal loans from your trusted and reliable service bank providers. However, you need to be careful in choosing a lending institution for your personal loans. According to many experts, and the affordable personal loan must have the following attributes:

  • Loan terms from 3-12 months
  • Fixed payments for the monthly amortization, have no balloon payments or compounded interests
  • Payment for the monthly amortization, which is not higher than 5% of the monthly income that you earn

Some lending institutions can be found online; so, you can easily access your financial needs by surfing the internet. In fact, they offer small personal loans with lower interest rates. If you finally found some offer like this, then it is still advisable to make a comparison of multiple loans so that you can end up having an ideal one that will be apt to your budget.

Small Personal Loans from the Banks

The majority of the banks provide financial assistance to their clients. However, not all banks offer small personal loans to them. It would be better if you will find and explore those major banks that offer small personal banks to their existing clients so that you may also vail their services. Some banks only offer competitive interest rates along with their rate discount for them to stand out over other banks or lending institutions.

Some of the major banks in the world that offer small personal loans to their clients are the PNC Financial Services Group, Inc., and Citibank. The personal loans from PNC may start from $1000, and those existing customers can receive a 0.25% discount rate once they make a payment from their existing checking accounts. On the other hand, personal loans from Citibank may start from $2000, and those clients with existing checking accounts from their bank can avail of a discounted rate to make an auto loan payment.
Aside from those two major banks in the country, there is also the bank of America that offers Balance Assist. This is a type of small personal loan which is available from $100-$500. This bank offers a $5 borrowing fee and another 3-month term for repayment. However, for you to be qualified for this kind of offer, it is a must that you should have an existing account in this bank.

There are still other banks and financial institutions that offer a lower interest rate on personal loans. It is a must to compare first all your options before you jump into their offers. In this way, you can surely have the benefits that you’re looking for.

Small Personal Loans from the Credit Unions

Some people tend to choose credit unions from their local places since they can also avail of loans with a lower interest rate from these unions. These credit unions were established to serve their existing members by considering a good reputation on loan services or good credit scores upon assessment and approval for loan applications.

The majority of the credit unions from federal states offer alternative payday personal loans, and they usually offer from $200 to $1000 for those borrowers with poor credit scores. Credit unions from the federal states may charge an optimum yearly percentage rate of up to 18% for small personal loans. For alternative payday personal loans, they charge up to 28% per year. Another credit union where you can avail yourself of personal loans is PenFed. This union offers $500, which mainly depends on your opted repayment term.

Small Personal Loans for Bad Credit

Some reputable online lenders offer an alternative solution for those borrowers with poor credit scores. Borrowers may be qualified to avail of personal loans, depending on the assessment and approval of these online lenders. The rates on the personal loans do not exceed 36%. At some point, those borrowers who have bad credit scores may be qualified for a specified rate on the high end of the Annual Percentage Rate range of the lenders.

Before you avail of this kind of offer online, it would be advisable to make a comparison first on the poor credit score loans from multiple online lenders. This is for you to find out the best lenders online who have the lowest interest rate. These lenders may also offer quick funding. Moreover, they provide repayment terms for six months or more than that.

How to Get a Bad Credit Personal Loan

If you are about to compare bad credit personal loans, then you should take the following things and considerations:


  • Perks or Incentives – There are some lending institutions that offer the best features to help you in building your credit score. They also tend to provide financial education and awareness for free by visiting their site.
  • Easy way of loan application – Completing an online loan application must only take few minutes. Requirements and qualification procedures are also easier to access for you exactly know the comparison offers.
  • Quick funding – Online loan applications could be your alternative option, especially if you badly needed cash or money. Usually, some online lending institutions can fund your loan on the day of filing your application or a day after your loan application was approved. In some instances, if you’re an existing client of their credit unions or banks, then they can quickly release the cash loan that you avail from them.
  • Credit support – It would be better to consider a lending institution that could report your payment to some major bureaus of crediting. This can help you in building your credit score for you to be qualified for a lower interest rate in the next loan application that you will initiate.
  • Competitive rates – It is the most important consideration that you need to take once comparing bad credit personal loans. An affordable rate for your loan will somehow help you to easily pay the monthly amortization for your loans.

Always consider those things that were mentioned above before you proceed with loan applications to any online lenders. These will surely help you to be financially stable soon since you will not pay for a higher interest rate on your personal loans.

Explore Some Alternative Options for Small Personal Loans

Aside from availing small personal loans from the banks, cooperatives, and credit unions, why don’t you try to explore some other avenues where you can have this type of loan? In fact, there are multiple selections that you may try to address your concern about your finances. Some of these options are the following:

  • You may raise your concerns pertaining to loans to your family or friends. They may refer you to some lending circles or lenders who offer lower interest rates.
  • Ask assistance from charities, religious organizations, and local non-profits.
  • If you permanently work from any organization, then you may ask the employer if you can have an advance paycheck. This simple thing can somehow address your concern pertaining to your immediate financial obligations or expenses.

These alternative options can literally help to save you from the burden of borrowing money from online lenders or any lending institution with a high-interest rate. Just always remember that before you borrow money from the banks or any lending institution, then you should compare multiple options first. This is how you became wise and financially stable in the next few days.

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